Technologies and solutions from ICON International: helping companies extract maximum value from their business data

Document creation and output management

Output management comprises two distinct areas: the software that helps you create and format documents and the software that enables you to distribute documents across all common output channels. All business processes generate business documents. The process itself determines which leading system should supply the data and which channel should be used to issue the documents.

Find out how ICON International solutions can help you optimize your document creation and output processes.

A 360° view of information as the basis for optimum decision making

According to a study by IT consulting firm IDC, being able to integrate information quickly and easily into document processes is essential to optimal decision making – and also minimizes the duplication of work within the company.

Find out how the integrated provision of information can improve productivity.

Case management – focusing on what matters

Case management is a holistic approach to organizing and handling customer cases which have a similar cause, a similar workflow structure, and common or identical characteristics – even though their content may be different.

Find out how ICON International solutions can make your workflow management more efficient.

Information management – optimizing the "information resource" productivity factor

Information management has the important task of managing the company's information resources and making them readily available in a suitable format to everyone who needs to access them.

Find out how ICON International solutions can help you make better use of the information available in your company.

Content integration platform – greater clarity and overview

How internal communications are structured is crucial to employee productivity and process efficiency. If staff are to respond to queries from inside and outside the company, they must be able to access information quickly and in a structured form.

Find out how ICON International solutions can help you streamline your processes and make them more efficient.