Customer communication as a direct line to your customers

The telecommunication sector is one of the most dynamic and innovative of all industry sectors. Here, the rapid development and commercialization of new products and services along with rising pressure on costs are driving the need for enterprise-wide integration of information and communication via a wide range of output channels.

Flexible template creation and document production

Due to the competitive nature of the telecommunication industry, companies need to adjust their tariff structures regularly. They also need to communicate these changes to their customers via personalized marketing campaigns. This necessitates an extremely flexible platform that is not only capable of creating templates easily and efficiently but can also produce personalized documents for all output channels.

A modern WYSIWYG Editor guides you through the entire document creation process. There are templates for callback services, form design, text modules and entry dialogues. To facilitate content reuse, a document may be consolidated into a single component along with all of its pages and design elements. You also have the option of freely arranging design elements on a document page and placing graphics or PDF documents in the background.

Easy integration of all your company's information

COPiX is able to provide a holistic view of all the information available within your company, allowing you to integrate all of the data relating to a transaction or a customer number into your customer correspondence. Users accessing this information don’t even need to know in which system or archive the information is held. And with fewer worksteps and easy access to meaningful information, just watch their productivity improve!

icon – the intelligent choice

With our solutions you create templates using drag and drop to link design elements and information to specific business transactions. Efficient communication via all output channels is a sure-fire way of securing a competitive edge for your company.