Company-wide integration of information as the basis for efficient customer correspondence

The most efficient way to write a letter is to use (semi-) automated processes to personalize, compose and produce it – when it is needed, in any format and suitable for distribution via any output channel.

This is why our central theme is: "As much automation as possible, as much interactivity as necessary."

Business sectors

We understand that you want an integration and correspondence solution that meets the needs of your business sector. This is why we don't offer you an off-the-shelf solution, but instead a range of carefully matched modules. These are based on our extensive experience of over 16 years of successful cooperation with companies of all sizes.


More than 50 customers in German-speaking countries currently rely on icon as a competent innovation partner and consultant. ICON International will support you in maximizing your strategic customer communications. ICON International offers reliable solutions that have proven their worth in many projects and are backed by a wealth of expertise. We will work with you to solve your specific business problems – just put us to the test.