Overview of other DOPiX modules


DOPiX/Dialog provides an easily accessible user interface together with a rich set of features covering all aspects of document creation. It reveals the document's context by showing a list of recipients and details of the other addresses and sender data involved. DOPiX/Dialog is available as a FAT client as well as web client.

FAT Client

DOPiX/Dialog - FAT Client (Screenshot 1/3)

Web Client

DOPiX/Dialog - Web Client (Screenshot 1/3)
The key benefits
  • Components are selected from within the built-in editor, and appear immediately in the document
  • Restricted free text areas: multiple text areas and insertion of variable values in the normal flow of text
  • Document manipulation may be restricted as required
  • Alternative selection of components from groups
  • Selection of recipients from additional addresses
  • Dispatch control with many standard output channels may be flexibly adapted to meet customer requirements
The concept

DOPiX/Dialog can be run as a web or thin client application. The web or thin client may be easily embedded in existing browser or Java applications. The "look and feel" and the appearance of the content may be configured to suit the customer's requirements.

Thanks to Java applet technology, the web and thin client versions always enjoy the same functionality as the fat client, thus ensuring the integration of the user-friendly editor.

Other functions
  • Database-based clipboard for texts makes it easy to swap frequently used texts in individual agencies or departments
  • Built-in Jadice viewer provides preview of PDF and AFP files
  • Tree-based document selection with built-in search filter
  • The content of the document tree can be controlled by the business application and by the logic underlying the document tree
  • The tree selection can include links to document lists of documents held in intermediate storage, for example, or documents undergoing revision
  • Selection of DOPiX/Designer-based attachments
  • The add-on module DOPiX/Desktop allows users to attach archive documents, graphics, OpenOffice documents, and much more, to their new documents


DOPiX/Admin manages all DOPiX/Repository objects, the objects you need to work with documents, including text components, document templates, menus, rules of composition, fonts, images, signatures, overlays and more, as well as the objects used to configure and create test data and test drivers.

The key benefits
  • Object structure display
  • Full text search in component texts and in the logic
  • Editor manages text content separately from the logic
  • You work in the clearly structured user interface with conditions, commands and decision tables for the objects
  • Form creation with the built-in DOPiX/Designer
  • Management of all AFP, graphic and font resources
The concept

To make your daily work easier and help you maintain an overview, you can allocate objects to any category you like. The object structure display and the cross-reference display make it easier to deal with objects. Furthermore, using test drivers, you can run a variety of test scenarios to check the entire document creation process from the user's perspective.

Other functions
  • Text manual for components and document templates
  • All objects can be unloaded, modified and reloaded in an XML format
  • Most system settings can be configured in the repository
  • The configurator makes it very easy to adjust a wide range of settings


Mit dem DOPiX/SmartAdmin makes document creation a more efficient process by enabling you to concentrate on the actual content of your documents. Documents may be authored in the relevant specialist department, as DOPiX/SmartAdmin will make sure that no changes are made to those components that are required for technical or administrative reasons.

The key benefits
  • Tree view display of the part of the document template relevant to the user
  • Direct preview of the document during administration
  • Semi-automated object generation when creating new documents
  • Significantly improved document administration efficiency
  • Most of the authoring can be done in the relevant departments
  • Reduction in time-to-market when creating new documents or revising existing ones
The concept

Der DOPiX/SmartAdmin is an extension of the DOPiX/Admin. It permits document-centric administration whilst ensuring that technical and organizational requirements such as naming conventions, document framework structures and user roles are observed.

By hiding technical and organizational complexities such as the control components, layout details and supporting documents (e.g. attachments), the administrator can focus on the essentials, the text content of a document. The default document framework is generated automatically, ensuring that naming conventions are observed.

Other functions
  • Test objects for the documents can be created and maintained
  • When used in combination with DOPiX/Flow, many simultaneous changes to documents as well as newly written text can be organized and efficiently implemented


DOPiX/Server is the central service for all DOPiX components and all interfaces to customer applications. It takes care of all batch processes, such as formatting and exporting finished documents from the document pool.

The key benefits
  • XML-based interfaces including for HTTP(S), IP, Websphere MQ, JMS, Named Pipes and file system
  • Communication via Websphere MQ
  • XML-based callback interfaces for requesting business data during document creation
  • Dispatch channels including for central printing, instant printing, email, fax
  • Activation of downstream applications such as archiving via HTTP(S), Websphere MQ, JMS, FTP(S) and file system and others
  • Creation of metadata for documents
  • Includes the complete logic for the document creation processes
  • Link to LDAP-based authentication systems
  • User authentication and authorization
The concept

DOPiX/Server is based on Java Standard Edition as well as IBM zOS and therefore works in every customer environment.

Other functions
  • Other formats may be processed with the add-on module DOPiX/Connect
  • Support for calls from IMS and CICS environments via IP or Websphere MQ
  • Support for ASF-SIB interfaces in conjunction with DOPiX host modules
  • Management and caching of versioned repository objects and users and/or roles
  • Management of the document pool with DOPiX/Desktop attachments
  • Various document creation processes can easily be modified for maximum efficiency or maximum flexibility
  • OO interface for the direct integration of callbacks
  • Logging and recording for monitoring and fault analysis

Other modules:


DOPiX/Console is a web- and JMX-based user interface for monitoring and controlling DOPiX processes.

The key benefits:

  • View of all instances of DOPiX/Server, rendering engines and hubs
  • Job status and log information
  • Display of the distribution of server jobs to rendering engines
  • Tree structure display of all objects in the cache
  • Deletion of the entire cache or individual objects
  • Shut down and restart of rendering engines
  • Shut down of jobs in DOPiX/Server

The statistics and accounting module collects data on all jobs carried out in DOPiX at run time. The statistics database is open and can be used for reporting purposes. Reports created with Jasper and BIRT may be embedded and analysed in the statistics database. The data will ideally be analysed with DOPiX/Stacc-Cockpit.

The key benefits:

  • Log of documents and components used
  • Log of changed texts and free texts
  • Log of added or deselected components
  • Log of run times of individual jobs and formatting
  • Log of dispatch channels

DOPiX/Connect is the interface between customer-specific XML documents and the DOPiX XML requests. This module enables the efficient transformation of any XML data streams into XML requests, which DOPiX can then process.

The key benefits

  • Processing of customer-specific XML documents
  • Processing of XML batch requests
  • With minor adjustments, customer-specific text formats can also be processed
  • Fully embedded in the well known DOPiX XML interfaces
DOPiX/XOMConnect and DOPiX/RFCConnect

DOPiX/XOMConnect and DOPiX/RFCConnect provide the interface to SAP.

SAP RFC components for callback services or status callback may be invoked with the aid of DOPiX/RFCConnect. Moreover, an RFC server can be set up and embedded in a DOPiX application. This can route jobs created in SAP applications through an RFC destination to the appropriate DOPiX instance.

The SAP-certified module DOPiX/XOMConnect establishes a connection to the SAP print spooler so that DOPiX can process the documents sent to the spooler.


DOPiX/Mobile lets you run DOPiX without any installation or link to a central database. It is ideal for field staff. The repository and the document pool are contained in DOPiX/Mobile; content can be updated via XML files.

The key benefits:

  • Standalone version of DOPiX with its own database (no connection to a central database)
  • The repository and document pool are contained in DOPiX/Mobile
  • Central and offline text system based on standardized software, no redundant maintenance of texts
  • The content of the DOPiX/Repository and the DOPiX/Document pool can be exchanged between central and standalone systems by means of XML files
  • No installation needed
  • Functionality identical to that of client-server solution
  • Easy to integrate in other Java applications

DOPiX/LoadTest is a plug-in for DOPiX/Dialog which enables the effortless creation, implementation and evaluation of load tests for document creation in the DOPiX web scenario (thin client and applet).

The key benefits:

  • Simulation of web clients
  • Recording of different web client scenarios
  • Simulation of server loads

Partner modules:


This module offers the bundling, sorting, IT franking and optimization of print data streams. The result: highly efficient production processes.

The Java-based POSY module developed by SET has been enhanced by interfaces to DOPiX, allowing the invocation of DOPiX, for example to print a batch cover sheet.


DOPiX/Convert converts data streams, for example AFP to PDF/A.


DOPiX/Signature allows signing of documents with xyzmo Seal Server and encryption of emails with Julia MailOffice.