Mission statement: our philosophy and vision

What ICON International stands for

We are a profitable company enjoying considerable market success thanks to satisfied customers, a skilled and highly motivated workforce, reliable partners and a future-proof product portfolio. Our specialists and solutions guarantee efficient document creation processes – from automated to highly interactive.


In spite of our rapid growth over recent years, we have managed to retain our corporate culture. We remain true to our founding principles and convictions and still believe in the importance of continually adapting our company and our software to meet customer and market requirements. This general philosophy underpins the success of all our staff dedicated to serving the customer.

Effective support

Our strategy has been and remains focussed on being a market leader. When we reached our goal in the insurance sector, we redoubled our efforts in the banking and industrial sectors. At around the same time, we began looking closely at a number of international markets. Whether at home or abroad, our innovative technologies are the key drivers of ICON International’s continued success. Our vision is to supply a growing number of businesses with an innovative platform that will help them connect more efficiently with their customers.

Our modern technologies and specialist expertise will continue to make an important contribution to the future economic success of icon communities.