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Efficient information management – a prerequisite of e-Government

A local authority managing the affairs of a city or a town is often the first point of contact for its citizens and businesses. It is important, therefore, for local authorities to offer a variety of efficient communication channels and for their staff to have fast access to the information they need when dealing with individual service users. A local authority with efficient communication systems can be influential in attracting business to its area.

Good communication with citizens as a locational advantage

Local authorities are expanding their infrastructure and modernizing their services in order to improve their links with businesses and the general public and to make public information easier to access. Digital transaction processing offers great potential for cost reduction. Not only does it reduce paper and printing costs but it also cuts transportation costs, simplifies the archiving of complex documents and makes research much easier. All of this makes for good communication with citizens.

Easy integration of all your company's information

To minimize long processing paths and time-intensive archival research, icon offers its "Content Platform in Excellence" – COPiX for short. It provides users with a holistic view of all information and documents along with a complete spectrum of electronic post-processing options and gives organizations, departments and individual employees easy access to the information they need at any specific time from across the entire enterprise. There is no need for time-consuming archive searches or telephone calls and no individual is overwhelmed with a flood of information which they then have to carefully pick through to find the data they are looking for.

A holistic view of information as the basis for efficient document processing

Efficient business processes can be mapped out on the basis of a holistic information view. The processes themselves determine which leading system should supply the data and which channel should be used to issue the documents. At the same time, DOPiX supports all types of document creation: interactive, process-integrated or in batches – independent of hardware, operating system, data format or output channel.

icon – the obvious choice

icon solutions offer superior information quality and better document processes. New functionalities and developments are not limited in purpose to specific platforms or systems but can be deployed for a wide variety of purposes in all kinds of applications.