Meet compliance requirements and increase efficiency

Insurance companies have to comply with a host of laws and regulations in addition to Basel II and EuroSOX. Because these regulations are aimed at making business processes more transparent, they have a particular interest in documents and their content. There is no doubt that the reporting and documentation requirements for transactions have tightened up considerably in recent years.

How can a correspondence system influence compliance?

A central repository is the only way of ensuring that only authorized text leaves the company and that all elements of every document are standardized and quality-checked. If, for example, your legal department has issued new insurance terms and conditions, you need to be sure that they are automatically added to all new contracts from a specific date. DOPiX customer correspondence solutions are suitable for all popular document creation process models – interactive, fully automatic on-demand or high-volume batch. You can therefore migrate to an enterprise-wide customer correspondence platform in easy stages.

Improved efficiency from enterprise-wide integration of information

The COPiX content integration solution provides a 360° view of all documents in linked systems. You don't even need to know in which system or archive the information is held. Users have a holistic view of all (archived) documents and an entire spectrum of electronic post-processing options. Existing systems and archiving systems are linked via standard connectors. As soon as a connection is made, users and other systems have quick, transparent access to all content. The content service platform does not require expensive, time-consuming content migration. All existing applications and file systems can remain in service.

icon – the secure choice

Our solutions will enable you to minimize risks, avoid litigation and boost your business volumes. What is more, you will be able to react more quickly to developments and gain increased flexibility in formulating new initiatives.