Lean business processes rely on efficient information management

Global competitive pressures, a shortage of skilled labour and difficulties in raising funds for investment are compelling industrial enterprises to streamline and automate their business processes. Having fast and efficient access to your company's information is key to staying ahead of your competition.

Document processes in a state of flux

Many industrial enterprises operate in a strictly regulated business environment with long product lifecycles. Developing new products can take up to 15 years and incur development and product launch costs of several hundred million euros. Product documentation is very data-intensive, referencing many different Document Templates which exist in various versions.

All these challenges call for a high level of organization and administration and require the definition of all associated processes and controls. DOPiX enables you to create documents easily and flexibly and to manage and monitor document processes across different environments. This involves the application of process models that are valid for one task and are used accordingly.

Legally compliant and tamperproof archiving of all documents generated

With COPiX you create a central location in your company in which all relevant business documents and information are securely stored for easy access. You can choose whatever data format you prefer: COPiX supports all the standard formats used for long-term archiving as well as other popular formats such as Office documents, video, audio, web content and many others.

icon – the innovative choice

Our solutions enable you to define the entire document process via drag and drop in an intuitive user interface. You use the same interface to specify which documents you want to archive and in which format (long-term).