A smart and powerful correspondence solution at the click of a mouse

Retrieving and supplying information, whether in digital or paper form, is one of the ways in which financial service providers build loyal relationships with their customers. Faced with greatly increased volumes of business documents, financial service providers need a powerful correspondence system that is able to locate and deliver all the information relevant to the communication task in hand. Correspondence, quotations and reports in the form of letters, emails or downloadable PDFs are your organization's "calling cards" and play an important part in determining the customer's perception of your company.
When choosing and developing an effective correspondence solution, a business needs to focus on two key issues: standardizing the document creation processes and reducing the number of systems involved. Companies that succeed in optimizing their document processes can expect not only to achieve large savings but also to improve the quality of their correspondence. Today's high performance correspondence systems are based on flexible and scalable system platforms.

Efficient deployment of DOPiX on IBM PureSystems

Integrating DOPiX and IBM PureSystems greatly simplifies and accelerates deployment:

  1. Download the preconfigured DOPiX application
  2. Test
  3. Integrate

DOPiX for IBM PureSystems

Find out more about the DOPiX correspondence solution optimized for IBM PureSystems here.