ICON International

ICON International Software Distribution and Services AG (ICON International AG) was established in August 2011 by Leo Miklas and Uwe Seltmann. The new company was formed to meet the growing global demand for efficient document output management and correspondence solutions. It soon became clear that DOPiX also provided an ideal strategic platform for icon’s existing customers moving into international markets. icon had originally begun developing partnerships outside the German-speaking region in early 2008, first with companies in Russia and Italy and later in the United Kingdom and Latvia. As this international business grew, it became necessary to establish an appropriate support structure for icon’s international partners.

How we began

The story of icon Systemhaus GmbH began in Stuttgart in 1995 when several IT specialists agreed to become partners in a new business consultancy specializing in output management and document production. They realized that the market needed new and radical solutions if it were to deal with the increasing demands of modern document management.

The new company's first product, DOPiX, was created in 1999 – a market-driven software product developed by experts with years of practical experience in the sector.

In 2001, DOPiX entered the German market and immediately found its very first customer, the German insurance company "Deutscher Herold". Over the years, icon has continued to introduce new modules and to improve and add to the functionality of the solution. icon’s customers are closely involved in the ongoing evolution of DOPiX, and icon pursues a policy of developing enhancements and new modules based on specific customer needs.