Smart metering deserves smart output

Energy providers face mounting competitive pressures as a result of the liberalization of energy markets and the introduction of price regulatory systems, which have made it especially important for companies to focus greater attention on their customers. A 360-degree view of all customer information and an ability to communicate with customers on an individual level have become an important source of competitive advantage.

Create compelling customer offers

Smart meters measure how much energy consumers use and when they use it. They send this information to the energy provider, store it and make it available for further processing. This opens up new opportunities for optimizing the presentation of consumption data and leveraging it to prepare personalized customer offers. Our flexible Document Creation Solution handles this task fully automatically, enabling you to target individuals with perfectly customized offers via any output channel. This strategy will strengthen your market position and increase customer retention.

Integrating customer communication into your business processes

The billing information obtained via smart metering is transferred fully automatically to your CRM system and your billing system creates the invoices. The DOPiX correspondence system leverages this information to create individual correspondence for the customer's preferred communication channel.

Our COPiX content integration solution retrieves all the data associated with the transaction and makes it readily available, for example, to the Correspondence System.

COPiX is able to provide a holistic view of all the information available within your company, allowing you to integrate all of the data relating to a transaction or a customer number into your customer correspondence.

icon – the smart choice

Our solutions can capture all the strands of information used to process transactions and integrate them into your customer correspondence. Carefully crafted and targeted offers to your customers are guaranteed to keep you one step ahead of the competition.