DOPiX/Technical Training Course

The DOPiX Technical Training Course is aimed primarily at ICON International customers, partners and DOPiX professionals responsible for integrating and customizing DOPiX as well as those who want to learn more about callback services and dispatch control.


5 days (x 7 hours)

Topics covered* (Day 1)

Basic principles

The first day of the course gives you an overview of several possible DOPiX installation scenarios and the DOPiX components you would use for them:

  • Introduction to installation scenarios and components
  • Configuration of different trace categories
  • Configuration and testing of DOPiX/RenderingAppliance
Topics covered* (Day 2)


On the second day of the course you will get to grips with several DOPiX components:

  • Customizing DOPiX/Cache
  • Introduction to DOPiX in a browser-based user interface
  • Linking DOPiX to the business application with DOPiX/ClientManager
  • Using LDAP user management in DOPiX
Topics covered* (Day 3)

Value assignment and data containers

The third day of the course will concentrate on the topics of "value assignment" and "data containers":

  • Understanding the local and global scope of variables
  • Customizing callback services
  • Use of data containers
  • Customizing dispatch control
Topics covered* (Day 4)

Batch processing

The main topic on day four of the course is batch processing using DOPiX:

  • Processing group requests with XRPP
  • Creating serial letters
Topics covered* (Day 5)

Advanced administration

The last day of the course focuses on administration. The specific topics covered are the customization of DOPiX/Editor and DOPiX/Compose:

  • Integration of fonts and special characters into DOPiX
  • Customizing and enhancing the spell checker
  • Using the grammar check and integrating the company dictionary