Document templates designed by your business department

Personalized customer correspondence requires a large variety of different documents. Efficient document creation is based on templates containing reusable resources such as text components, overlays, graphics, control elements for post-processing, etc.

With an ideal solution, document templates are designed quickly and easily by non-IT staff in the business departments. The ideal solution has a name: DOPiX/SmartAdmin.

What is DOPiX/SmartAdmin?

With DOPiX/SmartAdmin, document templates can be created more easily than ever – in your business departments. DOPiX/SmartAdmin is an extension to the DOPiX/Admin module. It allows document-centric template design while implementing technical and organizational specifications, including naming conventions, document frameworks and user roles.

Automatic creation of document frameworks

With DOPiX/SmartAdmin, document frameworks are generated automatically while ensuring that naming conventions are observed. By hiding technical and organizational complexities, such as control components, layout details and subdocument specifications, DOPiX/SmartAdmin enables you to concentrate on the most important aspect of template design – the business content of a document.

Concise tree structure view

DOPiX/SmartAdmin provides a clear overview of available DOPiX objects. Text administrators in the business departments can easily drag these objects into a tree view of object relations, thus creating and structuring document templates.

This enables a highly efficient way of working because text administrators only see the resources and objects that are relevant in the context of this document template.

Easy reusability

The modularization of individual resources makes it easy to reuse elements such as layouts, greeting lines, subdocuments, etc. when designing new document templates.

Properties of DOPiX/SmartAdmin


The tree views on the left of the screen show the available objects and the object relations. Depending on the role of the user, different objects are shown. Authorizations control whether a text administrator has read or write access to certain objects such as variables.

On the right, you can see the detail view of the selected object as well as the search view where you can search for specific objects.


  • Drag-and-drop design of document templates
  • Separation of the technical and business sides of template creation
  • Compliance with technical and organizational requirements
  • Automatic generation of the document framework
  • Faster time to market due to a focus on business content
  • Improved quality through compliance with naming conventions
  • Reduced complexity thanks to a high degree of reusability
  • Integration into the familiar icon Suite environment
Application 1

The objective

When designing document templates, you want to focus on the business content and use drag-and-drop support to design a template.

The solution

DOPiX/SmartAdmin hides complexities, such as control components, layout details and subdocument details, during template creation. As a result, text administrators can concentrate on the most important aspect of template creation – the business content of a document.

All DOPiX objects relevant for the current user can be easily listed in the object view, from where they can be dragged into the relations view to design a document template.

The document framework is generated automatically, while all naming conventions are observed.

Application 2

The objective

You want to create document templates with as little support as possible from your IT department.

The solution

After initial set-up by the IT department, the business departments can perform all other tasks in the template creation process independently.

With DOPiX/SmartAdmin, the technical side is separated from the business side of template creation, allowing most template design tasks to be performed by the business department.

This significantly reduces time to market when creating new document templates or revising existing ones.