Connecting the correspondence system with the archive

DOPiX/Desktop is a bridge between two systems: It links the correspondence system with the archive, while avoiding any media discontinuity. With DOPiX/Desktop, users can add annotations to archived documents and then add them with a mouse click to the correspondence they are currently processing.

It is a helpful tool for every employee and a true efficiency booster for you customer correspondence. This efficiency booster has a name: DOPiX/Desktop.

What is DOPiX/Desktop?

Until now, it was possible for users to create new documents and search for archived documents at the same workstation. However, there was no option to add the retrieved documents to the correspondence system and process them in that application.

If users wished to add archived documents or just a couple of document pages to a newly created letter, they had to print the archived document and enclose it manually with the new document, which also had to be printed.

This procedure was both inconvenient and expensive in terms of paper and labour costs. And it also constituted a huge security gap: On the one hand, everyone could have a look at the document, and on the other hand, the new process was only partially recorded and therefore not completely documented for any subsequent processing.

Seamless archive integration

The connection between the correspondence system and the archive has made it possible to both create new documents and enclose archived documents or document pages directly and in electronic form at the same work station.

The newly created, complex document is automatically archived and therefore the handling of a process is recorded.

From the archive to the text system of the outgoing mail with a click

Only DOPiX/Desktop sets the stage for efficient document management by creating all output documents centrally and processing them fully-automatically.

Outgoing mail

Users create a new text document and add an attachment consisting of archived documents or document pages to it with a mouse click. To this end, they can search the relevant archives and then drag and drop the selected archived document or document pages into DOPiX/Desktop for further processing.

Output workflow WITHOUT DOPiX/Desktop integration
Output workflow WITHOUT DOPiX/Desktop integration
Output workflow WITH DOPiX/Desktop integration
Output workflow WITH DOPiX/Desktop integration

Automatically archived

The new document including the attachment can be sent by e-mail, E-Postbrief or De-Mail. Of course, it is still possible to produce a print-out on paper and post it as a letter, but it is no longer necessary. The text document and the attachment are automatically stored in the archive. Instead of the complete attachment, it is possible to generate only one information sheet with the meta data for documentation to avoid double archiving and save memory.

The integrated administration and versioning of documents during processing, workflow support and comprehensive evaluation options allow for the control and efficient creation of documents.

  • Integrating archived documents into customer correspondence using drag and drop
  • Enclosing complete archive documents or single pages
  • Adding annotations
  • Archiving any newly created correspondence
  • Consolidation - one customer correspondence system for the whole company
  • Increase in processing reliability through archive integration without media discontinuity
  • Cost savings through postage optimisation and batch printing
  • Increase in efficiency by avoiding manual activities
  • Used in the familiar icon Suite environment
Application 1

The objective

You would like to output and archive individually created letters together with documents that have already been archived?

The solution

Using DOPiX/Desktop, all of the documents in a company are sent to a central document pool, irrespective of whether the document is currently being created or has already been archived.

The savings on postage can be improved by taking advantage of the usual postage discounts for bulk mailing, and resources can be used more efficiently.

Application 2

The objective

You want to process and archive documents without any media discontinuity?

The solution

DOPiX/Desktop connects the correspondence system and the archive.

Using DOPiX/Desktop, you can add archived documents to the current customer correspondence in electronic form, without them having to be printed and enclosed manually with the new document which has also been printed.