Design your documents - accurate, easy and efficient

Enterprise customer communication requires a large number of different documents and forms which have to be created, administered and produced as efficiently as possible. Efficient document design is based on the resources used such as text components, overlays, graphics, controls and many more.

With an ideal solution, you can align and reuse these resources in a quick, easy and accurate manner. The ideal solution has a name: DOPiX/Designer.

What is DOPiX/Designer?


DOPiX/Designer, which is part of icon Suite, has been developed to ensure accurate and efficient form design. A state-of-the-art WYSIWYG editor guides you through the entire document creation process: templates for data retrieval, form design, text components and input dialogs. You can compile a document including all of the pages and design elements into a single designer component which is easy to reuse.

In addition, with DOPiX/Designer you can freely position design elements on a document page and put graphics and/or PDF documents into the background of the document page.

Reusing existing forms

A form created with DOPiX/Designer can be based on an existing PDF, an overlay or a graphic format. This allows a new way of working as the graphical information of an existing form can be easily integrated into DOPiX/Designer.

Efficient document design

You can process a form with or without the background image during document creation. You can decide whether the background image is only used for administration purposes or whether it is also visible in the document which is ultimately created.

Properties of DOPiX/Designer

  • Easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor for forms, dialogs and text components
  • Convenient assigning of application data to form fields
  • Easy positioning of elements with an accuracy of 1/100th of a millimetre
  • Positioning via freely selectable reference lines and 10 reference points for elements
  • Easy definition of logic for dynamic templates and rule-based document creation
  • Reuse of existing forms and documents
  • Clear and easy organization of resources
  • Form design - easy, accurate and efficient
  • WYSIWYG editor for maintaining and designing document components
  • Graphical configuration of all functions and parameters
  • Quicker creation of forms
  • Design tasks can be distributed between the business and IT departments
  • Increased quality due to optimum support during form design
  • Used in the familiar icon Suite environment
Application 1

The objective

You wish to easily create forms and precisely align and position the individual form elements.

The solution

Using a WYSIWYG editor, you can conveniently select the necessary design elements from a pool of templates for data retrieval, text components and input dialogs. With the help of a grid that can be displayed and guides, you can align and position elements with an accuracy of 1/100th of a millimetre. Administrators can specify the design elements to be used.

In addition, application data can be assigned to individual form fields, and already existing forms and documents can be easily reused.

Application 2

The objective

You wish to print the contents of form fields precisely in pre-printed fields on the form. Due to external influences during printing such as temperature fluctuations or poorly adjusted printers, however, this does not always work.

The solution

With DOPiX/Designer, you can mark the form elements and superimpose editable elements on them. The form fields can be accurately aligned to fractions of a millimetre using DOPiX/Designer.

The entire form is then processed in a data stream. In this way, existing resources can be used more efficiently and printers no longer pose a problem.