DOPiX/Admin Training Course

The DOPiX/Admin Training Course is aimed at text administrators who are responsible for preparing document creation for users. Text administrators may be Icon International customers, partners or employees. Topics relating to technical administration are only touched on briefly. The training course is not aimed at users.


3 days (x 7 hours)

Topics covered* (Day 1)

Basic principles

On the first day of the course you will learn the basic theoretical principles of DOPiX. The main topic will be the DOPiX object model with its eight traditional objects and their integration. You will finish the day by consolidating what you have learned with some practical exercises.

  • Creating components
  • Formatting text components with DOPiX/Editor
  • Creating document templates
  • Customizing a user-specific menu
Topics covered* (Day 2)

Advanced administration

This is an information-packed training day. Topics will include logic processing in DOPiX:

  • Creating logical document templates
  • Configuring rule sets
  • Viewing pre-configured object lists
  • Using variables as placeholders
Topics covered* (Day 3)

Special functions

On the final training day you will learn all about the functions that make working with DOPiX significantly easier. For example:

  • Processing repeating structures
  • Simulating callback services to test document creation
  • Using subtypes for document plausibility checking
  • Loading and unloading of objects