A general overview

ICON International Software Distribution and Services AG is the international distribution arm of icon Systemhaus GmbH, providing support to icon partners and customers outside Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg. The company was established in August 2011 and is headquartered in Vienna, Austria.

The stakeholders in the company, which include icon Systemhaus GmbH, senior managers from icon and ICON International as well as external investors, have a keen interest in ensuring that ICON International steadily expands its market share in international markets.

ICON International’s primary objective is to build a strong presence in the European market and beyond. Although its current focus is on winning projects in Europe – with an initial emphasis on markets in Russia, Italy, the UK, Scandinavia, the Baltic States and Central and Eastern Europe – ICON International remains keen to consider new business opportunities in other parts of the world. To provide high quality support to customers irrespective of their location, ICON International is building a network of excellence in partnership with leading local IT firms.

With its DOCM (Document Creation and Output Management) product suite, ICON International and its partners are redefining the way large organizations create and manage their business documents. By unbundling a company’s application environment from its communications environment, DOPiX allows independent development to meet the particular needs and requirements of a wide variety of business scenarios.

ICON’s mission: As much automation as possible, as much interactivity as needed.