Customer correspondence as a key differentiator

With many banking products, call centres and written communications are the main touch points for customers and potential customers. Special offers and reports in the form of a letter, an email or a downloadable PDF are your organization's "calling cards" and play an important part in determining the customer's perception of your company. Efficient, customized customer correspondence via all communication channels has become a key differentiator.

Document production - individually or in batches?

Business documents are always produced as part of a business process. The process itself determines which leading system should supply the data and which channel should be used to issue the documents. DOPiX supports all types of document creation: interactive, process-integrated or in batches – independent of hardware, operating system, data format or output channel.

To assist you in the preparation of customized business correspondence, DOPiX includes a flexible WYSIWYG Editor which is highly configurable and easy to use. Depending on the assigned role, users can concentrate fully on producing the text without having to worry about formatting, output or dispatch.

A holistic view of all information

It is not uncommon for businesses to have a large number of standalone solutions in addition to their main correspondence system. These may be the result of the takeover of other companies who have brought their own correspondence solutions with them or they may have been introduced by individual departments in an effort to overcome the inflexibility of existing legacy systems.

Standalone solutions are just as likely to be found at head office as in branch offices or subsidiaries and they make it difficult to produce consistent, standardized documents. The COPiX content integration solution provides a 360° view of all documents in linked archive systems. As far as accessing these documents is concerned, it makes no difference in which archive they are stored. In addition to the intelligent aggregation of information from different sources, this information is processed in a variety of ways. Users can therefore access information using their business applications, advisors can use their email client, partners can make use of the portal provided and senior management can use their mobile devices. Increased productivity is achieved by minimizing the need to change systems and by providing relevant information in the most pleasant work environment possible.

icon – the clever choice

Our solutions will enable you to optimize your customer correspondence and simplify your business processes. Consistent corporate design and corporate wording, together with a concern for the needs of individual customers, will build customer confidence and enhance your competitiveness.